Chiropractic approach not only works well with the spine but also other parts of your body such as the extremities. In this context, extremity is defined as the numerous joints present in the body. These include the jaw (TMJ), shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, fingers, ribs, hip, knee, ankle, foot and toes. Pain in the extremities often occurs after a trauma or mechanical stress. Most commonly, such pain is acquired not only through overuse but also due to daily wear-and-tear. Thus, this indicates that the more repeatedly an activity is done using the same body part, the higher the risk of getting injuries. Moreover, muscles attached to the joints work simultaneously to move the limbs. If a joint is misaligned, muscles tissues are stretched, leading to weakening or inhibition of the neighboring muscle structure.


Chiropractic Approach to Extremity Adjustment

Similar to spinal joints, joint dysfunction and fixation are present in the extremity joints too. A chiropractor’s role is to discover the pain site and weak muscles, and then to identify the root of the cause. Manipulation onto the misaligned joints will aid to restore normal strength. However, that is not only the case. At times, issues found in the extremities may also lead to chronic spinal issues. Therefore, patient will need to go through a spinal check and adjustment prior to the extremity. The goal will be to assess and analyze the extremity problem and then to synchronize the treatment plan for the spine. That being said both spinal and extremity adjustment should complement one another

Are you experiencing or have a history of:

  • Pain while going up/down stairs
  • Pain while exercising
  • Pain while writing or swinging your arm
  • Difficulty turning your arm
  • Pain while walking
  • Pain while squatting
  • Difficulty going from sitting to standing
  • Painful joints around the extremities
  • Muscle fatigue or weakness
  • Catching or locking sensation of extremity joints
  • Stiffness and immobility of extremity joints
  • Previous history of sprain and strain injuries  

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