In late 2016, I was diagnosed with slipped disc and after doing some research online, I decided to give chiropractic a shot. I was suffering from chronic lower back pain as a result of my slipped disc, to a point where it was affecting my daily activities and preventing me from my regular exercises. I was also not able to sit at my desk for more than 30 minutes without feeling uncomfortable, and I also had difficulty bending downwards.

I started with a twice-a-week treatment and I could feel an improvement just after 4 weeks. The pain in my lower back has reduced significantly and I was able to get back into light exercises. The sessions at Kirolounge also never fail to loosen any tensions in my neck, shoulder and back.

Chiropractic has helped my slipped disc heal much faster, and I was able to get back into a more active lifestyle faster than I have expected. My back felt stronger than before, and at the same time, I am also more aware of my posture and movement. I also realized that my immune system has become better. Thanks to the expertise and patience of Dr. Limin, and the staff at Kirolounge for making my rehabilitation journey so enjoyable!


I started chiropractic treatment as a drug-free approach to relieve my mother of her backaches and knee pain. My mother had long been suffering from backaches and knee pain. In the past, she would rely on quarterly steroid injections to relieve her of the knee pain. However, her pain worsened about 4 years ago when she started looking after my babies. So, I decided to look for a more sustainable, drug-free approach that targets the root cause of her back and knees pain.Since starting adjustments at Kirolounge, my mother has stopped her steroid injections since we started with Kirolounge 3 years ago. This is despite her continuing to look after my 2 children as well as my brother’s 2 babies. I am very pleased with her results.

My mother has stopped her steroid injections since we started with Kirolounge 3 years ago. This is despite her continuing to look after my 2 children as well as my brother’s 2 babies. I am very pleased with her results. I see chiropractic as a “preventive maintenance”. It is not a booster to my daily performance. Rather, it is a sustainable, all natural way of maintaining our body against the stresses our body experience.

I used to have prolonged muscle aches around the neck and shoulder region and coming across the introductory talk from Kirolounge was definitely an eye-opener! I used to think that chiropractic was for really serious ailments and learning now that it can help my body learn to re-adjust itself, was really great news for me!

After 8 sessions, there was a significant absence of the aches I used to have- and not missed! Along with the sessions, I have learned valuable tips on posture correction, and these adjustments have helped immensely with preventing & minimizing injuries from my active lifestyle!

Bonus, super friendly and personable staff (Dr. Limin, Ai Kheng, Juliana) always ready with a smile, make every visit something to look forward to!! 🙂


I had stiff neck and shoulder for 10 years and I was greatly affected due to the frequency of it. I came to a talk at Kirolounge and started my chiropractic adjustments. Over a period of time, the problem disappeared. This made me more confident in meeting new people and less self-conscious of my posture while talking.

Overall this has been a great experience and I recommend Kirolounge to friends and colleagues without any hesitation.

A year ago, I came to Kirolounge due to chronic hip and lower back discomfort. These symptoms made walking uncomfortable and I was also unable to do the exercises that I used to love doing, such as hiking. Since getting weekly adjustments, I have been able to resume my exercises such as long walks and swimming, with much less pain!

Dr Limin is very patient and always looks into every issue that I bring up during my adjustments. Her personable personality also makes adjustments very comfortable.

Ms Constance Chua

I started chiropractic treatment because I was suffering from neck pain and frequent headaches. At the same time, I wanted to adjust my posture after hearing about the many benefits of chiropractic adjustments. After the 1st adjustment, my body felt great and relaxed. The doctors always provide friendly professional advice whenever I am in doubt. The doctor gave me a detailed analysis of my then symptoms and was patient in his explanation, which gave me a deeper understanding of my body.

I have been with kirolounge for 3 years and I rarely experience any neck pain nor migraines nowadays. The adjustments have also helped me to maintain good posture. Having a good posture allows me to look better and also helps to boost my confidence too!

Before I started chiropractic treatment,  I was having frequent lower back, shoulder and wrist pain which constantly affected my personal and work life. After starting Kirolounge chiropractic treatment, the frequency of my pain have gradually reduced and it has improved my daily lifestyle.


Mr Samuel Chua

Prior to chiropractic treatment, I was suffering from weekly migraines which were regularly triggered by stress, poor sleeping habits and heat. Gradually through chiropractic, the frequency of my migraines was reduced. After chiropractic treatment, I was able to stand with better posture and able to go about my daily activities such as my studies as well as work, without having to be off work for 2-3 days each month due to a very bad migraine.

Ms Samantha Chong

I have had pain in my wrist for a period of time. After multiple attempts of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), there was still no sign of recovery; thus I started to search for chiropractic treatment.

The doctors here are helpful, friendly and professional. They were able to correct my body posture and help to ease the pain in my wrists. I’m a person who is always very active and injuries easily happen to me. Dr Limin is always there to help me to fix the issue.


Ms Herlina Joe

I was recommended by a friend to start chiropractic treatment as I was having Neck pain. Since starting chiropractic with Kirolounge, I have found that it has improved and it has also improved my daily activity.