Dr. Roshan G.

“Mediocrity is not what I aspire for my patients, but to offer utmost excellence in care to attain the best results with chiropractic..”
            Dr. Roshan graduated from the renowned medical institute – International Medical University (IMU) and holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chiropractic. He has obtained knowledge of highly effective methods of chiropractic aligned with an evidence-based approach, which he applies in the treatment of his patients. He has also successfully completed the Australian chiropractic board competency assessment at Macquarie University, Sydney and accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education Australasia (CCEA).
               Reaching out to the community and creating awareness on conservative remedy with chiropractic for spinal back pain (including pregnant women), headaches, joint pain and etc has been Dr. Roshan’s ultimate goal. He is also fond of delivering up to date and informative chiropractic health talks to the general public and corporations on a monthly basis.
               Having keen interests in the sporting realm and actively involved in futsal, football and long distance running, Dr. Roshan conducted the first ever research in Malaysia on chiropractic care and its efficacy in sports performance titled ” THE IMMEDIATE EFFECTS OF CHIROPRACTIC SACROILIAC JOINT ADJUSTMENT ON THE PERFORMANCE OF RECREATIONAL FUTSAL PLAYERS.” The outcome showed promising results and thus inspired Dr. Roshan to also work closely with athletes from various ranges of sports and enable them to enhance their sports performance the most natural way and reducing sports injuries with an appropriate approach to chiropractic care.